UK lawmakers back a change to Brexit vote which delays full approval and forces deadline extension

U.K. lawmakers have voted to amend a crucial Brexit vote which now forces the government to seek an extension to the deadline and delays full approval.The amendment, introduced by former Conservative lawmaker Oliver Letwin, withholds approval of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement with the European Union until legislation is in place, and was passed 322 to 306.The move automatically triggers the “Benn Act” which forces the prime minister to request a further extension to the October 31 deadline until January 31.Speaking after the setback, Johnson said the government will not table the meaningful vote on Saturday. The opportunity to have a meaningful vote has effectively been passed up,” Johnson said. “Next week, the Government will introduce the legislation needed for us to leave the EU with our new deal on Oct 31 and I hope that our European colleagues and friends will not be attracted, as the opposite benches are, or should I say the front bench opposite, by delay,” Johnson further added. This is a breaking news story. Please check back for details.

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