Sen. Elizabeth Warren refuses to take Sen. Kamala Harris’ bait on kicking President Trump off Twitter

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appear on television screens in the Media Center as they go back and forth during the Democratic Presidential Debate at Otterbein University on October 15, 2019 in Westerville, Ohio.Chip Somodevilla | Getty ImagesSen. Elizabeth Warren refused to take Sen. Kamala Harris’ bait when she asked at the debate Tuesday night that Warren join her in calling for Twitter to suspend President Donald Trump from the social media platform.”I don’t just want to push Trump off Twitter, I want to push him out of the White House,” Warren said at the Ohio debate.Some have blamed Trump’s attacks on Twitter for outbreaks of violence. Harris says he should be suspended from Twitter as “a matter of corporate responsibility.”While Warren demurred on joining Harris’s plea, she had plenty of ire to offer the country’s largest technology companies: Twitter, Amazon and Facebook.Warren called out Amazon on Tuesday, citing its wide-ranging grasp over customers, suppliers and the data that connects them.”You get to be the umpire in the baseball game and you get to be the team, but you don’t get to do both at the same time,” she said.Also on Tuesday, Warren pledged to turn down contributions of more than $200 from executives at Big Tech companies, large banks, private equity firms or hedge funds. Warren earlier this month highlighted Facebook’s policy of excluding speech and ads from politicians from its third-party fact-checking program by taking out an ad that falsely claimed Mark Zuckerberg has endorsed President .

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