Leading British businesswomen launch #MeTooPay movement

Hinterhaus Productions | DigitalVision | Getty ImagesMore than a hundred of the UK’s leading businesswomen have started the #MeTooPay movement in a bid to close the gender pay gap.The group launched its website on Wednesday,, which listed a “growing” number of businesswomen currently involved. A concurrent social media campaign is also underway.It follows the example of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, which gained momentum following the allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.The #MeTooPay website said campaigners were “frustrated to still read stories about women not getting the pay they deserve.””Women should not be paid less than men to do exactly the same job,” it continued. “It’s just wrong. So we’re starting a campaign to do something about it.”We want to see radical and rapid action. And we need your help – whether you’re a man or woman.”According to a BBC report, the campaign has been spearheaded by Dame Moya Greene, former boss of UK postal service Royal Mail.Other backers of #MeTooPay include TV presenter Clare Balding and Dame Minouche Shafik, one of several rumored candidates who are in the running to become the next head of the Bank of England.

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