‘It’s all over, but the crying’ for President Trump, Pennsylvania lieutenant governor says

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) told CNBC “it’s all over, but the crying” for President Donald Trump as his campaign continues to mount legal challenges in the state. As of Friday evening, the Trump campaign had five legal claims being litigated in state and federal courts in the Keystone State. Several of the challenges revolve around mail-in and provisional ballots. In a Friday evening interview on “The News with Shepard Smith,” Fetternam said he suspected the provisional ballots to be “a rich mine of Biden votes.” “Provisional ballots are the fail-safe of the electoral process here, where they can’t ultimately verify, or there’s an issue and then you’re still afforded the chance to vote,” said Fetterman. “They’re strongly correlated with mail-in ballots, and mail-in ballots are strongly correlated with the vice president, and they are centered in areas that went wildly skewed for the vice president.” Pennsylvania is continuing to count mail-in ballots three days after the general election. Under state law, however, officials were not allowed to process mail-in ballots until Election Day. Fetterman said that delay was expected and is a direct result of decisions by the Pennsylvania Republicans.”They [the Pennsylvania GOP] wouldn’t concede as little as 24 hours extra just to pre-canvas, to be clear, pre-canvassing is just opening up the envelopes and flattening out the ballots so they can be scanned, but they refused to do even that,” said Fetterman. 20 electoral votes are on the line in Pennsylvania.

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