Hands-on with Apple’s extreme sports watch

Apple Watch UltraSofia Pitt | CNBCApple announced two new watches on Wednesday, including the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s huge. It’s made out of titanium. It costs $799. And it’s built for people who are into extreme sports, like diving and kite surfing, as it’s twice as water resistant as the previous models.Apple Watch UltraSofia Pitt | CNBCApple designed the Ultra to be more rugged so it can withstand the elements better if you take it to the mountains or deep under water. There’s a larger crown, too, so it’s easier to use while you’re wearing gloves if you’re diving or in the snow. And it has a bigger screen. But it sure is chunky. Just look at it on my wrist:Apple Watch UltraSofia Pitt | CNBCThe screen has other cool features. It’s twice as bright as before, so it’s even easier to see outside. And it has a new “Night Mode” watch face that shows a compass and turns the watch red so it’s easier to view in the dark.The orange Action Button.Sofia Pitt | CNBCThere’s a new Action Button. It’s orange, which definitely stands out, but can be customized to launch an app when you tap it. So, you can start a workout, mark a specific waypoint on a hike, launch your music app and more, just by tapping it.Apple Watch UltraSofia Pitt | CNBCIt’s thicker than other Apple Watches, but includes some new functions like a depth gauge for real-time measurements under water. It also has up to 36 hours of battery life in normal use, or up to 60 hours on low-power settings. Apple says the 60-hour option is “coming soon.” That compares to 18 hours for the regular Apple Watch.The Apple Watch Ultra is available to order now and arrives on Sept. 23.Subscribe to CNBC on YouTube. WATCH: Apple introduces new iPhone 14 Pro models

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