Great Depression ‘CRASH’ if Democratic ‘clowns’ are elected

President Donald Trump predicted doom if he isn’t re-elected in 2020, saying that the economy would “CRASH” like it did during the Great Depression.In a tweet Wednesday morning, the president called the crowded field of Democratic challengers “clowns” and compared the prospects of one of them winning to the stock market collapse of 1929.The president’s remarks come a day after another Democratic showdown, in which 12 contenders took turns jabbing each other and Trump in the most crowded presidential debate in history.Trump’s hyperactive Twitter account took some of the focus during the event.California Sen. Kamala Harris has been pushing Twitter to suspend Trump’s account, and she called on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is at the front of the Democratic field, to join the effort.Most polls show the president trailing the front-runners in head-to-head matchups, though Trump did receive some encouraging news this week.Moody’s Analytics ran three economic models and each found that Trump would cruise to victory in 2020 if conditions remain relatively stable. The models were back-tested to 1980 and were accurate in every election except 2016, in which Hillary Clinton was the predicted victor.The economy has been a strong point for Trump, though growth hasn’t lived up to some of the president’s promises. GDP rose 2.4% during his first year in office, 2.9% in 2018 and is on track for about 2% growth this year. Unemployment, though, has dropped to 3.5%, its lowest in 50 years and down from 4.7% when Trump took office.

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