‘Gator Girl’ Christy Kroboth on massive alligator spotted in Florida

“Gator Girl” Christy Kroboth told CNBC that she thinks the massive alligator at a golf course in Naples, Florida was “real.””I’ve seen huge gators, the biggest one I ever caught was 12.5 feet, and that’s enormous, they’re huge, they’re out there,” said Kroboth, who earns a living tracking and capturing alligators.Golf pro Tyler Stolting spotted and recorded the alligator prowling around the course at the Valencia Golf and Country Club on Wednesday. In a Friday evening interview on “The News with Shepard Smith”, Kroboth said that Tropical Storm Eta could be one reason why the gator was so far out on the golf course. “When we had Hurricane Harvey, the water rose and it pushed alligators everywhere,” said Kroboth. “It’s also getting close to the alligator’s hibernation season, so he could be looking for a den to hunker down in for the winter season.” Kroboth told host Shepard Smith that an alligator can get to about two-feet when it stands on all fours. “Gator Girl” warned, however, to stay away from the reptiles. “If you do see one, back away slowly, give it its space,” Kroboth said. “Just respect the animal.”

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