Detailed Quote for CHROMEDX CORP. (EIY2.F)

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Last Trade: 0.154   Ask: 0.170   Bid: 0.152  
Book Value: 0.028   Change: -0.011 Variation  Change in Percent: -6.667% Variation 
Trade Date: N/A   Ticker Trend: N/A   EPS Estimate Current Year: N/A  
Float Shares: 51628000   52-week Low: 0.062   Annualized Gain: N/A  
Market Capitalization: 10.23M   Change From 52-week Low: 0.092   Percent Change From 52-week High: -38.153%  
High Limit: N/A   Change From 200-day Moving Average: 0.011   Percent Change From 50-day Moving Average: -14.161%  
Open: 0.154   Ex-Dividend Date: N/A   Price/EPS Estimate Next Year: N/A  
Short Ratio: 0.000   Holdings Value: N/A   Day`s Value Change: N/A  
Dividend Yield: N/A   Average Daily Volume: 111042   Bid Size: 2000000  
Commission: N/A   Dividend/Share: N/A   Earnings/Share: -0.032  
EPS Estimate Next Year: N/A   Day`s Low: 0.154   52-week High: 0.249  
Holdings Gain: N/A   More Info: N/A   Percent Change From 52-week Low: +148.387%  
Last Trade Size: 5000   Last Trade (With Time): 8:14am - 0.154   Low Limit: N/A  
50-day Moving Average: 0.179   Percent Change From 200-day Moving Average: +7.552%   Previous Close: 0.165  
Price/Sales: N/A   P/E Ratio: N/A   PEG Ratio: 0.000  
Last Trade Time: 8:14am   1 yr Target Price: N/A   Ask Size: 3000000  
Change & Percent Change: -0.011 - -6.667%   Last Trade Date: 3/23/2017   Error Indication (returned for symbol changed / invalid): N/A  
EPS Estimate Next Quarter: 0.000   Day`s High: 0.154   Holdings Gain Percent: N/A  
EBITDA: -1.16M   Change From 52-week High: -0.095   Day`s Range: 0.154 - 0.154  
200-day Moving Average: 0.143   Change From 50-day Moving Average: -0.025   Notes: N/A  
Price Paid: N/A   Price/Book: 5.893   Dividend Pay Date: N/A  
Price/EPS Estimate Current Year: N/A   Shares Owned: N/A   Volume: 11850  
52-week Range: 0.062 - 0.249   Stock Exchange: FRA  

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